News: Merry Christmas!! We are moving!!

Merry Christmas to all of you who celebrate! LiveJournal has been our home since we started out a little over a year ago as a one man crew relying on Hoshikuzzu's generosity to see things translated. LiveJournal has been an awesome and wonderful home throughout this time, and I have personally treasured you all, the community. Although I might not be able to reply to each and every comment, I certainly do read them all. Your comments and thanks have kept me coming back to scanlation even when things get hectic and I seem to have no time for anything. I truly enjoy bringing you these wonderful works of art, and I'm extremely thankful to the LiveJournal community for taking the time to support our efforts. We decided to move our group to where Suppi, our latest team member, has been hard at work creating a space that we can truly customize so that we might better present the series we work on. Currently, the site looks the same as it has for the last month or so, but we have small changes in the pipeline that we're sure you will enjoy. Sadly, with any transition comes the risk of losing contact with some of the friends and family of the previous community; however, we home that you will come share our love for manga at our new home on Tumblr.

To sweeten your transition to our new home, we have work hard alongside Hoshikuzuu and Yaoi Is Life to bring you a little Christmas present in the form of the entire volume of Yume Touka End Roll! Come visit us at our new home and happy reading!

New Site:

Blog: Updates

Say goodbye to ads! Well at least within the LiveJournal... The STK Scanlations LJ has officially moved to the paid account level. We will still be directing our downloads through in order to help fund manga purchases, but you will no longer see ads on the STK Scanlations LJ itself. In other news, we have caught up with what has been published of Bokura no Negai. The next chapter should be published on January 20th, 2014. The tankos we ordered will hopefully be here soon. In the mean time, I shall proceed to twiddle my thumbs... (or maybe study for those pesky final exams...)

EDIT: Well in the short duration that the LJ has had access to advance customization features, I've managed to make a mess out of the place, haven't I... At the same time, I've managed to add a nifty feature to our Tumblr page! Our Tumblr now has a comments system for posts powered by Disqus which allows you to comment using Facebook, Twitter, Google accounts and etc. It even has an option to leave a comment without using an account by providing an email address (hidden to the public and used only for moderation). Please go check it out, leave a comment or two, and give us your feed back!

Enjoy this HiroAki picture and go watch Kyoukai no Kanata if you aren't already.

Release: Bokura no Negai - Chapter 06

Things start to get exciting this chapter!! As a quick note, we've corrected Yuya's name to Take (thanks, Master Translator hoshi_kuzuu!); there's a translator's note in page, but I figured a heads up wouldn't go amiss. Enjoy the chapter!

Now for the results of the staff's voting:[Drum Roll, please...]By far and large, Koi wa Inaka no Katasumi de by Hakutou Noriko stole the show! It was among every staff member's top three. However, thanks to the lovely fans out there who helped contribute funds, we won't be stopping there! We will also be picking up Yukemuri Journey and Smile Kudasai both by Mio Junta which took second and third place respectively in the voting! The order has already be placed, and we'll keep you posted. Thank you all for making this possible!!


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Blog: New Projects, BnN Update, and Donations

Thanks for all the feedback guys!! Will will be trying out when we order tankos for our next projects. Currently, the team members are casting their votes to determine which of the following series we pick up as our new project(s):

Aiga Matteru by Abe Akane
Cerulean Café by Aoi Levin
Isola Vita by Aoi Levin
Kawaikute Shikatanai by Marita Yuzu
Koi wa Inaka no Katasumi de by Hakutou Noriko
Mayoi Neko to Koi no Ashiato by Tsubaki
Smile Kudasai by Mio Junta
Soredemo Kamawanai by Masao Sangatsu
Sugar Pain by Mio Junta
Tsurenai Kare no Mune no Uchi by Marita Yuzu
Yukemuri Journey by Mio Junta

The results of the voting will be release alongside Bokura no Negai 06, which should be ready by the 15th, so that you guys can know what to expect. We are going to open donations until then in case anybody wants to contribute funds to the order (and therefore encourage us to pickup more than one series).

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Blog: Need Help Choosing Service To Use

We will be picking up a new series (TBD) within the month. I'm looking into using Honto to order tankos for our projects going forward, and I'd like to get opinions and experiences your you guys regarding the site. Specifically if you've purchased from them, I'd like to know how many tankos you bought, what method of shipping you used, how much the shipping cost, and how long it took to arrive. Of course if you'd like to recommend a different service, I'd love to hear about your experiences with that service.

Release: Yume Touka End Roll

Wow, it's been a while, hasn't it? Well thanks to a joint effort with hoshi_kuzuu and the wonder folks at Yaoi Is Life, we are proud to bring you the first chapter of Yume Touka End Roll!

In other news, we are hard at work on Bokura no Negai 06. We have located a stable raw provider for the series, so future chapters should have as long of a delay (keep in mind that the series is a quarterly release though).



Blog: My Boyfriend is an Awesome Cuddler

Since so many of you seemed interested in our relationship, I've decided to post some more about it. We don't have a super fancy how we met story; we were introduced to each other by a mutual friend. Our first date consisted of us eating lunch together, staying at the restaurant for 5hrs talking, and going to his place to play Kingdom Hearts. After more than 12hrs together, he asked me to be his boyfriend and I said, "Yes." Sadly, I'm quite busy with work in the mornings and school school in the afternoons, so I'm really only free to hang out with him on the weekends. Though I would have to say that we made up for the time apart during the week this weekend: we spent more the 24hrs together with a vast majority of the time spent cuddling.

In ways of scanlation, I've actually been really bad and haven't touched anything for an entire week. >.< I'm going to try to finish preparing tests for cleaning so that we can get some new people to help pick up the slack that I'm creating. I have general ideas regarding how I want to see the team handle cleaning that are quite different from how I've seen other groups manage it. If everything plays out correctly, cleaning for STK Scanlations will involve several people specialized in performing specific parts of the cleaning process instead of few people who are responsible for performing every step of the cleaning process by themselves. I'm still working out the specifics in my head, but a rough idea would be something similar to dividing the cleaning position into precleaning (straightening the image, cropping, etc), leveling (levels, dusting, etc), cloning/pattern redrawing (specializes in repairing artwork that deals primarily with patterns, gradients, etc), and ink redrawing positions (specializes in redrawing artwork from scratch such as portions of characters and the like). I had hoped to have all of this sorted out before I started back at school, but since that plan has failed, I figured it would be best to share my plans with the community so that you could get a glimpse at some of the work that going on behind the scenes at the moment.

If you have any questions personal or scanlation related, feel free to leave them in the comments. I'll try my best to answer them though I will reserve the right not to comment should i not wish to. =P

(P.S. I'll too lazy right now to re-read and proof this post, so please ignore any typos or grammatical mistakes!)

- SuzakuTheKnight

Blog: Life Update

So if updates slow to a grinding halt, it's because I now have a boyfriend! Chances are that I will be spending time with him that I could be spending working on projects; however, I promise not to come to a complete stop! I'll be working on stuff nonetheless. Plus, I have all of the lovely members of the STK Scanlations crew to keep me dedicated to bringing you fun stuffs to read. That's really all; I just felt like announcing this. ^^

Suzaku out!